Heavy hex nut

Heavy Hex Nuts are washer faced, are slightly larger and thicker than standard hex nuts. The heavy hex nuts is typically used for large diameter 10.9 grade high strength bolts which makes them the strongest of comparably-graded nuts. Their additional strength comes from increased thread engagement, which is due to their thickness, and greater resistance to dilation (expansion or stretching) because of their larger width. The heavy hex nut's increased size yields a larger bearing surface and improved wrench ability. "Hex" is for hexagon, which means they have six sides. They are also known as: heavy nuts or steel structure nuts.

Products Details

Hebei Hanwang Fasteners is a leading manufacturer of high-quality metric grade 10 Heavy Hex Nuts. we stock an extensive inventory of metric grade 10 Heavy Hex Nuts in a wide range of standard, coarse and fine sizes. Custom finishes are available. Have a question about our manufactured grade 10 Heavy Hex Nuts? Hanwang Fastener Service awaits . Our service department crew tech-backgrounded Their application expertise will ensure that the bolts you select will perform at or above your requirements. Contact our team directly by phone or by our social media. We look forward to speaking with you! Quality Control of Heibei Hanwang Fasteners Hanwang Fasteners operate a fully controlled quality system maintaining traceability of products from their initial source of supply, into stock, directly through to dispatch to the customer. For that Hebei Hanwang Fasteners established a fully functioning quality control lab and a active quality control office with quality-enthusiasm crew members. Heibei Hanwang Fasteners Testing Facility factory (3) To check that the products we supply conform to the relevant standards and specific requirements of customers, Heibei Hanwang Fasteners operate specialist inspection equipment such as:
  • Tensile Machine for pulling kinds of Bolts / nuts
  • Hardness Machine (portable and lab)
  • Spectrum detection and metallography detection equipment
  • Suitability Test Machine for assembly testing
  • Both Rockwell hardness and Brinell Testing Machine
  • Thread Gauges for bolts and nuts
  • Plating Thickness Tester
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               Dimensions Millimeters (mm)
                    Grade  10
             Material Carbon Steel
                     Finish Black /Zinc plated/Self color
                     Size M12-M26
         Packing options Bag and pallet/Boxed and pallet
10.9 (1) 10.9 (2)

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